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110 Long Pond Road, Suite 204, Plymouth, MA 02360
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Do I need to schedule a Sleep Study?

Yes, in order to be properly diagnosed with the medical condition of sleep apnea. Your Primary Care Physician will make the referral.

What If My Doctor Recommends a CPAP?

Most Doctors are accustomed to the CPAP however if you indicate that you would prefer a silent, more pleasant solution that you can travel with and be easier to live with, your Doctor will recommend Oral Appliance Therapy!

Is an Oral Appliance as Effective as a CPAP?

CPAP is 100% effective. It is the gold standard in treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. However, within a year over 50% of patients are non-compliant, (stop using it). Without Therapy you are at risk for serious complications. Comfort and Compliance with an Oral Appliance is much higher (95%) and therefore more effective.

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110 Long Pond Road
Suite 204
Plymouth, MA 02360
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Are You Struggling With Using a CPAP?

Dr Sandra L MacDonald DMD can determine if Your Snoring Or Sleep Apnea can be treated by Oral Appliance Therapy. Click Below to Request an Appointment for your Oral Appliance Assessment!

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